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BACK TO ROOTS (2013, 2014, 2015)

Back to roots has been the most recommended programme in the years 2013, 2014 and 2015. The B2R package contains dozens of different activities focusing on group dynamics. Every event is organized in the way so it suits everyone in the group. B2R is fully mobile and can be arranged everywhere – for example somewhere near to your workplace. The aim of B2R programme is to get to know each other better, increase of team spirit, and cooperation. We wake the playful mind, curiosity and creativity.

The day starts with the welcoming speech and safety instructions. After this the participants are shared into teams. As an icebreaker we could use for example introduction circles, which are done according to the instructions. The tasks are set variously, so every single participant has always some role. The aim is to start up the inner dynamics of the team without excessive guidance into it.

- Physique and speed
- Accuracy and concentration
- Logics and problem solving
- Creativity and improvisation

B2R package can include also other activities, such as ATV rally, eko-shooting or archipelago adventure.

Whole package from the same place!

We host over 400 events every year with more than 12000 participants. You can turn to us with small happenings as well as with big events. Every event is planned according to the customer's wishes, need and possibilities.

If you turn to us with organizing of your event, you can be sure that everything will happen naturally, pleasantly, smoothly, competently and without stress. We can offer whole event package according to your own needs and wishes.

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