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FORGING OF SAMPO (2010, 2011)


We organized teamwork workshop days for Vacon in October/November 2010. There were about 250 participants altogether in six days. The weather allowed us to be active outside and the atmosphere was at its best, when the teams were solving tasks along the route and competing against each other! The team spirit has been risen among others by hilarious tasks focused on creativity or rapid GPS-orientation.


Originating from Kalevala, famous national epos of Finland, "FORGING OF SAMPO" has been used as a topic for this programme. We used among other things paintings and stories to bring various temperaments together. The aim was to get to know with each other better, acceptance of differences and seeing it as an asset and a plus in the team. The workshop has been arranged in Reinon Tupa ( Based on the previous meeting, the day was planned as an experience route for a production team. The route included for example funny pole theatre, puzzle solving and lunch in the middle of the nature.

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