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It's highly recommended to invest into well-being at the workplace. Behind every successful company there are motivated workers and a leader, who knows his subordinates. Well planed program increases the motivation and improves the team spirit as well as communication.

Our aim is to organize events, which improve well-being at the workplace in many ways. In the same package you can find social, psychological and physical activities and training. Work and free time are closely connected, therefore it's important to make the event unforgettable. Professionally organized program makes the participants regain energy and motivation. The program is designed by experts in different fields to be special and unique. We closely cooperate for example with psychologist, teachers or different instructors.

Every teamwork event is organized to meet customer's wishes as much as possible. It's extremely important to start with objectives and cooperation from the very beginning. The friendship and company increases productivity and team spirit of every work collective. Every event is organized mainly for you to relax and gather energies. Professionalism and safety is well remembered as every event is guided by skilled instructors.



We offer dozens of different tasks to practice the dynamics of your team. Every event is organized specifically for every group to meet all needs and wishes of every group. B2R is fully mobile, therefore it can take place almost anywhere, for example somewhere near your workplace.

The day starts with introduction, welcoming and safety instructions. Participants are then shared into team. As an icebreaker you can find for example group introduction according to special rules.

The structure of the day is organized in a way, that every participant has different role in each task. Our objective is to get team's inner dynamics to work without instructions. The aim is to get colleagues to know each other better, improve the teamwork spirit, and boost cooperation skills. We inspire playfulness and curiosity.

- Physical movement and speed
- Precision and concentration skills
- Logics and problem solving
- Creativity and improvisation


The aim is to get to know to different kinds of sports, and to inspire movement in those, for whom it is not ordinary yet. We offer dozens of different alternatives.

Active people can get to know to other kinds of sports in addition to the known ones. Our instructors are experienced and invigorating.

- Kettlebell
- Floorball
- Fitness boxing
- Archery
- UKK walking test
- School of running
- Body harmony
- Eko-shooting
- Orientation
- Lacrosse


Work can be more meaningful and enjoyable in accepting and supporting environment. To get here we all have to realize our own strengths and weaknesses and turn them into teamwork-inspiring and motivating tool. In "MyMind" lectures you can get new ideas and tools to work with to improve both teamwork and individual work. The lessons are tailored exactly to your needs.

Recognize the stress signs
The lecture takes form of joint of body and mind. The aim is to increase perception skills to body language, recognition of stress, and its management.

Colorful temperaments – Differences as a resource in the teamwork
The lesson teaches to understand the differences of people from the point of view of temperaments. The aim is to help you to realize the potential of these differences and to see the temperaments as a strength and a resource, both in your coworkers and in yourself. Identifying the way of your own thinking also improves your leading skills. When you realize own reactions and actions, you can see the possibility to improve here as well as in other areas.

Active presence: Turn the autopilot off
The lecture gives advices to everyday practice, founds the advantages of the activity, and improves motivation and general work satisfaction.

Whole package from the same place!

We host over 400 events every year with more than 12000 participants. You can turn to us with small happenings as well as with big events. Every event is planned according to the customer's wishes, need and possibilities.

If you turn to us with organizing of your event, you can be sure that everything will happen naturally, pleasantly, smoothly, competently and without stress. We can offer whole event package according to your own needs and wishes.

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